Who is She?

Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About ME!


I’m not going to distract you with pretty words here. Instead I’m choosing to be direct by answering your question right away. I’m a grown woman who loves to draw. What? It calms and relaxes me. A perfect day to me is getting to draw, colour and create all day without interruptions. But alas there are so many adulting things that have to get done right? Right now I am currently most interested in sketching and painting plants.

Other important facts about me include that until now. Please bear with me as I prepare to tell you my deepest darkest secret. (Exhaling now and deep Inhale) …Ok here goes everything, I can’t, and never could do cartwheels! Somersaults and skipping were more my forte, and never at the same time. But now as an adult, I tend to say NAH to both as I walk through my local grocery store. Hopefully, you’re still with me I’m too ashamed to open my eyes to check right now.


(if at any time this “who the..!” bio bores you, please feel free to skip to my list of loves, likes and dislikes at the end.)

I appreciate hard work  and I’m a natural at customer focused roles but, never limit myself to the things I’m good at aside from somersaults and skipping. I do also enjoy learning new things, my need to achieve more enlightens me in every journey I pursue. This blog has inspired me to continue creating and it is my space to express myself. So, hang out, chill and be sure to check out my gallery.

Let’s dive in with my list of Loves, Likes, and Dislikes:

LOVES: Taking short walks to the fridge only to scavenge for meals.

LIKES: listening to most types of music that have a beat. I’m not sure why I was blessed with rhythm because I don’t enjoy dancing. (oops, I should’ve added dancing to my dislikes list!)

DISLIKES: Taking short walks to the fridge and discovering that nothing good will come from my journey. 😦

Enough about me, let’s talk some more about ME!

Just kidding, nothing more to say here, please avert your eyes.

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