Can You Picture Where I Write?


With 2020 around the corner this is the perfect time for us to take a closer look at our writing spaces. In doing so I figured why not do a Truth versus Lie short post. There are only 5 choices in this one. I can’t wait to see what you choose.

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My writing space is:

1. In my loft space. I have a winding stairway leading up to the absolute top of my penthouse. In the farthest darkest corner of this space, I have a lamp and an ornate white high gloss desk. The chair where I sit to write all my blog posts is burnt orange in colour with flecks of green because some of the paint has been stripped away due to overuse.

2. The picnic bench outside. The bench doesn’t have a lick of paint left on it due to being in the sun all year and overuse. The two planks of wood that serve as a bench are extremely uncomfortable. Yet, I love to write outside and still do every Sunday without fail.

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3. In my bedroom on the top bunk of my bed. No need to explain what the seating is like. I request that Alexa play me some music to which she kindly delivers. Cheetos and assorted candies are available on the desk below. But, they come with the risk of falling down the shiny blue ladder. I don’t have a computer chair, that’s why I don’t write at my desk.

4. On the couch in the living room. Countless pillows and throws all around me. Music and the sound of a fan in the background. The house phone rings and no one picks it up. The birds chirp and sometimes fight! The fish belch but, no one hears them. (I swear they belch, no one can explain the random bubbles that they expel…FROM THEIR MOUTHS!)

5. The kitchen floor. What? It’s comfy and I’m closest to all of the snacks.

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Leave your guesses in the comments section, more than one is fine. The answer to where I write/draw will be revealed in next Sunday’s post. Where do you like to create?

Thanks for reading. Please have a safe and Happy New Years Celebration. I wish you all happiness and prosperity for 2020.  See you in the New Year!  🙂


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Time’s a Wastin

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Does anyone else sit around staring at their phone rather than doing the things they really enjoy? Or watching Netflix and focusing on what the characters say, do or live through? Often times thoughts and ideas pass through my mind without ever getting out. I don’t write, speak or draw anything for days on end. Its people watching to the extreme extent, very zombielike!

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On a longish side note, for those of you in a rush feel free to skip to the next paragraph: I’m very proud to say that I conquered a fear within the last 2 weeks. I watched The Haunting of Hill House. I even watched it at night. Yeah, I really did it! I had quite a few nightmares but I figured I’m up at night anyway, what harm could it do? I watched most of it just like this young lady to the right. Through one eye but with so much more fear in my heart and all over my face. Don’t judge me! It was such a great show glad I got through it. Now that its over I am going through withdrawal. It is sad when the good shows end.


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The truth is, sometimes it’s the distractions but often times it’s fear that prevents me from doing the creative things I enjoy. Or even self-doubt that creeps in. I start thinking that I don’t have anything worth looking at or writing! Nothing to keep readers interested or coming back. I often conquer this by just starting something, anything, once I start all is good. Most times starting is all it takes. If I hadn’t started the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery I would still be wondering if I can still draw.

Remember this when you feel unmotivated to be creative. Remember that everyone feels that way sometimes. Blogging takes guts! Find that motivation no matter how far you have to dig, keep on blogging. If you need more motivation check out Why Did I Start Blogging?

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