Curator’s Choice!

Hey guys, big news!

I got an email the other day, letting me know my artwork Savvy was chosen by one of Artrepreneur’s curators and is now in the Curated Section of the browse artwork page! Additionally, a Curated Badge was added to my Artwork Detail page. 

What does curated mean?

Well, it means is that it was selected, organized and presented using professional or expert knowledge.” Immediately, I headed over to the website to check it out. The steps to check out my curated artwork are below, along with some more exciting news!

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Step 1. If you’d like to take a look here’s the link to the Curated Section of Artrepreneur. Follow the rest of the steps below. Or if you’re short on time, this link goes straight to Savvy instead. Don’t click it yet though! If you do you won’t get to read the rest of my exciting news!

Step 2. Choose Category – select Painting.

Step 3. Then Subcategory – select Abstract.

Step 4. Final step, on the far right hit text search and type in Savvy.

And there it is! To the right of the image, in orange – CURATED!

I noticed that quite a few of the artists on Artrepreneur have multiple paintings on the curator’s choice page. New goal for me is to have more artworks added to the page.

Also, I have updated my portfolio to showcase my recent artworks.

This was definitely something I kept meaning to do last year. But what a start to the new year! You should check out the video, it’s very different than the previous one. Make sure to like and follow if you haven’t already. For anyone that doesn’t have TikTok or Instagram, I’ve been uploading shorts on YouTube lately. Take a look at my YouTube channel, I would really appreciate the support.

Enjoy the video and have a great month. Meet you back here around mid February! I’m off to create some more art!

New Museum Quality Prints Available!

How’s it going? Do you want to start an art collection but are currently on a budget like me?

Buying Giclee or museum-quality prints is a great option! The artworks below are now available as museum-quality prints on Artrepreneur. Or, if you’re looking for an original gift for someone that has everything take a look at this option.

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You can choose between high-gloss, canvas or cotton rag.

I have a preference for Semi-Gloss paper because it isn’t as reflective as a gloss print would be. Did you know that especially for darker prints like Flourish, for example, semi-gloss is best? The reason is that it brings out the best of the image. The sizes and links to each artwork are below.

Cerulean Cheer-Sizes 8×10 to 10×12.50
Chaotic-Sizes 8×10 to 9X11.25
Allure-Sizes 8×10.25 to 9X11.50
Flourish sizes8x11 to 10×14

Before I go, here’s the link to the PT&L Artrepreneur showroom. Enjoy the holiday season, and stay safe! I will see you back here in the New Year!

7 Elements of Art: What are they and why do they matter

Mindset - Available on Artrepreneur

Did you know that there are 7 elements of art?

They matter because all artists use them in so many different ways. They can be used to bring a piece together, lead the eye or to make the artwork look three dimensional amongst other things. After I finish my artwork I stand back and that is when the elements I used most stand out to me.

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Where Would You Place This Abstract Artwork?

Tangerines 8×10 inch. Original available on Artrepreneur

Quick, what’s the first thing you do when you see abstract artwork that speaks to you?

I picture it on a wall in my home! Sometimes I even frame it. Yeah, I have a bit of a wild imagination, I know. More often than not I have already figured out where I will hang it before placing it in my cart!

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11 Things That Inspire Me

I’ve been thinking about things that give me inspiration and keep me creating.

As I thought about it these 11 things came to mind. And my thoughts became a poem as they sometimes do. Chill for a minute and take a read, you may just find out how I keep getting the inspiration to create!

I find inspiration in many different things:

Things that matter or…

things that don’t

things that cast interesting shadows

or no shadows at all

things I imagine and things that are real

Sounds even inspire me and so do smells

even things that stand still

they all hold inspiration.

Whether I look up at the sky

or down on the ground

I find inspiration

Because, there is inspiration everywhere.

That is why I create!

When inspiration is everywhere how can I not create? I have been building and designing still looking for new places to sell my artworks. New abstract artwork will be published soon. Now can you see why I love being creative?

The above image was originally a painting called Green Abstract. Yes, it was green before. Oh, let me know which colour way you like better too. I like the pink and blue much better than the green but, I’m interested to know your thoughts.

To find out more about this blog here’s a link to the home page and a link to my gallery.

Stay well!