Palm Trees and Loyalties Art Gallery

PTnL original artworks available on Artrepreneur.


Fire – 8×8 original or museum quality print available on Artrepreneur. The original piece which is acrylic on canvas painting I painted the orange, red and slight tinges of yellow background in a circular motion. This gives the piece a centred effect like it is a photograph taken with a zoomed in lens. When the background was completed I added in the blue streak which is the fire in the image. That was completed using a drip effect.


Mindset – 10×8.25 original or museum quality prints available on Artrepreneur. The mindset of the viewer plays a part in what this abstract artwork is. This painting began with a pink and orange gradient. From there I added a bright blue and white paint pour which I let dry for a few days and then I hand painted on all the details that are on the surface making sure to leave parts of the original paint pour and the background visible. I used acrylic paint on canvas for this piece because it dries pretty quickly which allows me to layer colour and all the details.


Sunset – 11×14 Original available on Artrepreneur. This art piece is an abstract acrylic layered painting. After each layer I allow the paint to dry and then apply another layer. This painting started out with an orange base coat and flourished into this finished product of oranges, purples, reds and yellows. This artwork is reminiscent of a partially covered sunset. 


Veil 8×10 inches – Original only available on Artrepreneur. This is a blue, black and white acrylic painting on canvas. Dark and light blue mixed together making things beyond the main image seem to disappear. This image is an abstract portrait.


Tangerines - Available on Artrepreneur
Tangerines 8×10 Original only available on Artrepreneur. This is a hand painted, acrylic, abstract artwork. Layered began with a very rich purple colour which gradually turned into mauve with white patches. When the background was completed I added on the top layer which was yellow and gradually darkened to an orangish colour with light touches of red.


City-12×9 inches – Original only available on Artrepreneur. The colours I used to create this piece are orange and blue mainly to show the grit of a major city. As you stare at this painting longer the other colours begin to pull through as if they are stepping out onto a busy sidewalk from apartment entrances. Yellow, green, brown like the dust that kicks up when a bus drives close to a curb. What is a city to you? Is it a building, a small park, a tiny coffee shop, a wall or a feeling.


Marvelous-12×9 inches – Abstract acrylic artwork. The movement of this piece was amplified by using paint knives of different sizes and different amounts of pressure on the canvas. What may seem random is not. The composition is symbolic of a vessel and the colours are both cold and warm at the same time.


Savvy-8×8 inches – acrylic abstract painting. Handcrafted using a large paint knife and paint brush on canvas. The colours in this painting are blue, red, gray, and white. The red peaks through just enough to bolden this piece the white and grey accentuate its movement.

Quiet Wave buy original on Artrepreneur.

Quiet Wave-8×10 inches, acrylic abstract painting. Navy Blue, purple and pink acrylic abstract. I used a large paintbrush for this artwork and wanted my brush strokes to be visible to the eye. The colours chosen for this piece are ominous yet serene which adds to the pieces complexity. This artwork is different because I did not use paint knives at all. I wanted it to be more of a blended colour piece.