My Palm 11-24

I figured it’s important that I explain why I chose a Palm tree instead of a Pine tree. Both are beautiful and similar in one way. They bend with the storms that pass, but still stand. This blog is just that. “Its me, still standing!”

I will write as often as possible and usually put an interesting spin on how I write about different situations that have occurred in my life and around me. Hint hint…there will sometimes be a dash of humour here and there. This blog will be for those who like to read and see the fun and adventure in life. To sum it up, I’m not keen on talking about it so I write about it.

Oh one more thing, did I mention that I’m a self proclaimed artist? I am, so of course there is a Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery Page as well. My art is for sale here. But you should stick around and look around. Sometimes even laugh with me or at me. I promise I won’t be offended as long as you come back again. Now let’s go!

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. My favourite bottle fell off the table recently! Now it wobbles and it is unable to leave the house!!! Since I work from home, she is still my favourite!

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