Who the…!

Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About ME!

Important facts about me include that until now! Please bare with me as I prepare to tell you my darkest and deepest secret. (Exhaling now and deep Inhale) …Ok here goes everything, I can’t, and never could do cartwheels! Somersaults and skipping were more my forte, and never at the same time. But now as an adult, I tend to say NAH to both as I walk through my local grocery store. Hopefully, you’re still with me I’m too ashamed to open my eyes to check right now. falling-99183__340

(if at any time this “who the..!” bio bores you, please feel free to skip to my list of loves, likes and dislikes at the end.)

​Having worked in the retail and the transportation industry taught me to appreciate hard work and interacting with people. A natural at customer focused roles but, never limiting myself to the things I’m good at aside from somersaults and skipping. I do also enjoy learning new things, my need to achieve more enlightens me in every journey I pursue. This blog is a new exciting journey for me, I look at it as my opportunity to express myself.

Let’s dive in with my list of Loves, Likes, and Dislikes:

LOVES: Taking short walks to the fridge only to scavenge for meals.

LIKES: listening to most types of music that have a beat. I’m not sure why I was blessed with rhythm because I don’t enjoy dancing. (oops, I should’ve added dancing to my dislikes list!)  ​

DISLIKES: Taking short walks to the fridge and discovering that nothing good will come from my journey. 😦

Enough about me, let’s talk some more about ME!

Just kidding, nothing more to say here, please avert your eyes.


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