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Why’d You Like it: Poll Results

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Hi everyone. I Hope you had a great month. As you know, I enjoy browsing other artists’ artwork, which got me thinking about what makes me like the art I like. That thought, led to the poll I posted last month. For those who missed it, the poll question was, “Why’d you like it?”. I’ve been watching the poll, wondering what the results would be and if what drives me is the same for everyone.

The results are in. The poll showed 51% of you like art because of emotion. 38% of people like art because of the colours used to create it. Lastly, 13% of you chose beauty. What speaks to you all is the same for me.

For those of you that chose emotion, I have a follow-up question. What if the emotion the artwork makes you feel isn’t a good emotion. Would you still like it enough to hang it in your space?

I ask because some artworks make me feel uneasy or have a bit of an edge to them but that’s ok to me. To me the emotion doesn’t have to be joyous, happy or comfortable. What do you think?

Every now and then, I finish painting and wonder, where did that come from? Especially if I don’t necessarily realize I’m feeling the emotion the painting shows. For example, this painting:

Yes, this one feels like so much turmoil to me. After I finished it, I remember thinking hmmm, what in the world? So yeah, Vivid is a prime example of art that I like but makes me feel fearful.

Anywho, thank you for participating in my poll. My hope is that it got you thinking about why you like the art that you like, the good or bad emotions it might make you feel, the colours that speak to you and beauty.

On another note, I made some changes to the website. Poke around and let me know what you think. My available artworks are all available here now.

Enjoy your day!

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