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YouTube Portfolio Update

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I updated my portfolio to show my recent artworks.

This was something I meant to do last year. But what a start to the new year! You should check out the video, it’s very different than the previous one. Make sure to like and follow if you haven’t already. For anyone that doesn’t have TikTok or Instagram, I’ve been uploading shorts on YouTube lately. Take a look at my YouTube channel, I would really appreciate the support.

Enjoy the video and have a great month. Meet you back here around mid February! I’m off to create some more art!

2 responses to “YouTube Portfolio Update”

  1. Edith Semakula Avatar
    Edith Semakula

    Wow! Your art always cheers me up!!
    Such a variety! I love it 😀 Accolades are in order!!

  2. palmtreesandloyalties Avatar

    Thank you! Glad my artwork cheers you up. That’s always great to hear!

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