3 Things Painting Taught Me

Quiet Wave – Original available on Artrepreneur

Concentrating on a canvas or a piece of paper and breathing life into it helps me relax. Painting is therapeutic. The best thing about it is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to express myself. It’s entirely up to me to decide whether or not changes need to be made. Here’s what painting has taught me:

Anything can be changed. 

No matter what I paint, if I like it or not. If I feel that it could be better the colours aren’t quite what I imagined, I can change it. I’m not afraid to repaint a canvas one colour and start again or paint over a line.

It’s okay if what I see is different from what others see. 

When I finish a painting and show it to someone it is usually an eye opener for me because what they see is not necessarily what I see. With abstract art it just can’t be. That’s what makes creating abstract art so enjoyable, each piece is unique and can be interpreted in a different way. People bring their own perspectives when looking at art.

Trusting the creative process is important. 

Taking the time to stand back from my artwork is part of my creative process. Sometimes I hang paintings before they are fully finished just to see which way I want them to hang when I’m done. Turning a painting or flipping it, helps me look at it in a different way. You’d be surprised, the amount of paintings I create one way only to flip the canvas over and realize it looks better the other way. Looking at my art from a new perspective often helps me know when I am finished with a painting or when I need to keep painting.

That is what painting taught me.

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8 thoughts on “3 Things Painting Taught Me

  1. Thank you! I am not an artist. Recently I thought I could give sketching a try. The best thing I’ve learned is how focused I get. Sketching holds me in the moment and all the stress disappears!

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