7 Elements of Art: What are they and why do they matter

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Did you know that there are 7 elements of art?

They matter because all artists use them in so many different ways. They can be used to bring a piece together, lead the eye or to make the artwork look three dimensional amongst other things. After I finish my artwork I stand back and that is when the elements I used most stand out to me.

The 2 elements that I use most are colour and shape.

Before I begin creating a piece I put a lot of thought into the colours and shapes that I’m going to use. I often choose colours based on how I feel and what I want to portray to the viewer.

This week I’m sharing an infographic about the elements of art.

It’ll help you figure out what it is that makes you love the artwork that you see. I don’t usually include infographics in my blog posts but hopefully it helps you identify what you love about any artwork you come across. I put each write up together with help from an article on materclass.com and created the images for each element on Canva.

What stands out to you when you find art you love?

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