Limited Giclée Prints

How’s it going? I have news to share with you all! I’ve finally found a site to sell my artwork on! As you know, I’ve been struggling to find a new platform to sell my artwork on and I have finally found it!

I was watching a t.v. show the other night, and caught myself gradually reimagining the patterns around the character in my head, using my imagination and creating a different visual…wait, what did Eleven just say?

Fire abstract artwork. Coming soon!

Now you know all about the inspiration and how this piece came to life. The original artwork is acrylic on canvas.

My artwork is now available on Artrepreneur.

I’m selling limited edition Giclée prints of two artworks so far and I will be adding more artworks soon. For those of you who don’t know, a Giclée print is a large format, high resolution museum-quality print.

I’m working towards selling the originals of my artwork on Artrepreneur as well. More to come!

Read all about this piece on the Artrepreneur website. Stay safe and have a great week!

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