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11 Things That Inspire Me

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I’ve been thinking about things that give me inspiration and keep me creating.

As I thought about it these 11 things came to mind. And my thoughts became a poem as they sometimes do. Relax for a minute and take a read, you may just find out how I keep getting the inspiration to create!

I find inspiration in many different things:

Things that matter or…

things that don’t

things that cast interesting shadows

or no shadows at all

things I imagine and things that are real

Sounds even inspire me and so do smells

even things that stand still

they all hold inspiration.

Whether I look up at the sky

or down on the ground

I find inspiration

Because, there is inspiration everywhere.

That is why I create!

When inspiration is everywhere how can I stop creating? I have been building and designing still looking for new places to sell my artworks. New abstract artwork will be published soon. Now can you see why I love being creative?

Stay well!

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  1. Andie Avatar

    Thank you for sharing!😊

  2. palmtreesandloyalties Avatar

    Hey Andie, Thank you for reading and commenting on my post! 😁

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