Wow, That Hair!

Wow, That Hair!
Beautiful hair, hand drawn artwork. Black Ink.

Hi, have you seen my latest timelapse art video, “Wow, That Hair?”

If you’re interested in learning how to draw dreadlocks, braids or natural hair, this is the post for you! This time-lapse drawing of a black woman’s hair is far better than the last video I shared. After I finished my previous hair drawing, I thought to myself, “I can draw that again, but better!” So I did, and this time I added more texture, more shape, and even more hair. I went all out for this video!

The Hair
First of All The Hair

To show the texture of black people’s hair, it’s the technique that matters most.

Whether it’s natural hair, dreadlocks, or braids you’re drawing, take a look at my video and learn how to give the hair in your drawings more life.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take your time
  • Try techniques before starting the final piece
  • Use different tip sizes of markers for different parts of the hair
Wow! Drawing the locs in progress
When the Edges of The Hair were done

When you watch this video, you’ll notice that I changed markers a few times. The main reason was that the different types of hair called for it.

When I drew her edges, I wanted fine lines since the edges are the finest parts of the hair. The fine black artist marker with a soft brush end worked best. I know you’ve always been told to throw old things away. Well, maybe you shouldn’t? I didn’t, for this very reason. You might find some use for it! One of the main reasons I used this marker was that it didn’t have much ink left. That’s right, it’s fading, which made it the perfect marker for the edges of her hair. It’s also the same marker I used for her eyebrows and the light shadow on her eyelids.

The Hair
The Bangs of The Hair

With another marker I took my time filling in my pencil drawing.

Doing the pencil drawing first guided the hairstyle I was going for. I started by drawing the overall shape of the hairstyle in pencil. Then I filled each loc with black marker detail. I used a fine point Sharpie for all of the hair in this updo style. It’s a timelapse video, it doesn’t look like it but, I really took my time. Even walked away and then came back to it. Hint if you’re in a rush, this is not what you should be drawing. You’ll need time and a whole lot of attention to detail. Because once the first layer of ink is on each loc you’ll need to shade the bangs and the areas closest to the centre of each swirly dread bun. This helped give each loc its own depth and contributed to the hair having even more texture, light, and shading.

For her face and body, I used a black 0.7 pen.

The Hair
Almost Done The Hair

After I started using it, I realized that It wasn’t soaking into the paper as quickly as I liked. There were just enough smudging incidents to warrant me using a piece of paper to cover the parts I had completed. I used the fading black marker when I needed to fill in her eyelids.

Check out my You Tube video, and remember to practice and try different things out. Find what works for you. Oh yeah, when’s the last time you headed over to my Gallery or my Redbubble shop?

Have a great week!

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