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Sale On Redbubble Limited Time
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Organic Pizza – Limited Time Amazing World of Gumball Licensed Artwork

Yes, you read that correctly; my Organic Pizza fan artwork is only available for a limited time on Redbubble. Seriously, at the end of January it will be removed from my store. They didn’t tell me the exact date when it will be taken off the site. That’s the first thing I wondered too. I urge you to get it while you can before it’s gone for good!

Why is Organic Pizza being removed from Redbubble?

What happened was, I got an email from Redbubble saying that the fan art partnership with Warner Bros. (The parent company of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim) is being discontinued. That’s the reason why Redbubble will be removing my Gumball fan art at the end of January. In order to thank you for your support, I’ve decided to slash the prices of certain items. You should head over to Redbubble and take a look. I urge you to be quick about it though, this artwork will be gone soon.

I read the email three times; “Unfortunately, this means that your Cartoon Network or Adult Swim design will be removed at the end of January 2022.”

It saddened me, then I thought, this was my opportunity to keep creating fan art. And that is what I’ll do. It will take a bit of research to figure out which fan art I would like to complete next but, that’s ok. The funny thing is that I checked Redbubble last weekend. My thought was that maybe there was a new show participating in the fan art program. So, I might have seen this coming? Either way, be on the lookout for more from me!

Limited Time Sale on Organic Pizza Fan Art!

Sale On Redbubble Limited Time
Organic Pizza Fan artwork Available on Redbubble for a limited time

If you’d like to read about the process behind this Gumball fan art head over to this blog post!

Thanks for reading! And stay well!

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