Do You Know the Lyrics to that Xmas Carol?

women sitting on a chair holding an ipad
women sitting on a chair holding an ipad
Do You Know the Lyrics to That Xmas Carol? Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on

Psst! Before you start singing along, do YOU know the lyrics to that Xmas Carol?

It’s 1 week before December 25th so you should know them by now. No really, what are you going to do if everyone spontaneously starts singing? if you’re not sure then this is your opportunity to brush up on your Xmas carol lyrics. If you think you already know the words to these festive songs, try the quiz anyway. Why? Because it’s fun! When you’re finished, go ahead and share the quiz with that person you stand next to in the choir. Let’s see how she does!

I get it, you might not feel like carolling with everything that’s happening.

But, singing might be the pick up that you need. You won’t know until you try. How about we work together to find that happy medium? You can even start out by humming instead of singing. See I can compromise. What’ve you got to lose? The way I see it by learning the words to these classic songs you would be ahead of the class. You can only gain by taking the quiz.

Everyone knows I make up the words to songs all the time.

To me, that’s how the song goes so, that’s it! Making this quiz was my opportunity to learn or ahem, remember how these songs actually go. So go ahead, learn with me and take the Xmas song quiz that I created below.

Do You Know the Lyrics to That Xmas Carol?

If you don’t pass the first time, go ahead and re-take the quiz. It took me a few tries too, I know you’ll get it right eventually. 

I’m off to get some shopping done. Enjoy your week!

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