Pastel Clouds

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This post is in continuation of my method in the artistry of drawing clouds. There is something so magnificent about the colours of the sky as the sun sets. I captured a little piece of it in this artistic creation titled, Pastel Clouds. Pastel chalk is tricky to use but I’ll share some things you can look out for when using it.

With the great weather about to end I don’t want to miss out on being outside! So, I’m writing outside right now, which is definitely something I should do more often. I’m letting you know because, this is going to be a short post week!

2 reasons Pastel chalk can be a complex medium when crafting your art.

While it’s extremely easy to blend which is one of the main reasons I love it, the colours tend to mix unintentionally. So, it takes some dexterity to master. Be sure to watch out for this. You can easily end up with duller colours than you intended. As you will be able to see in the video there were times where the pastels looked duller than intended. When that happened I added colour back in. It’s a simple method that works. For example, on the mid left side of the image, when you’re about half way through the how to video. My goal was for the clouds to look soft and fluffy but, the colours were too light. In order to boost the contrast between the clouds and the sky I added in some dark blue and purple which when blended turned into a dark amethyst colour.

Now, remember when you were a child and your imagination would come into play when you looked up at the clouds?

Well, a character decided to make an appearance in this piece, let me know if you see him. It’s funny because if you asked me to draw him from memory I probably wouldn’t have been able to but, there he is!

Enjoy the know how video and let me know what you think. If you would like to see more of my artwork headover to The Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery.

Thank you and have a great two weeks. I’m going to go enjoy more of this beautiful weather. What are you going to go do now?

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