Marble Water-Colour Painting

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The marble, what a great opportunity to recreate a glass object! This post is a detailed guide on using water colour paint to create an image of a glass marble.

How’s your August going so far? Mine is going well. Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with marbles. Do you remember going through those small bags of 25 or 30 marbles? I took each one out of the bag and examined it. Looked at all the different colours, how they blended together or wondered how the colours all looked so separate from each other. And those Cat Eye marbles, what sorcery made them look that way? Why did they look like cat eyes? That lead me to creating this water-colour artwork.

Without further ado here is the blueprint on how I created the marble watercolour painting.

The YouTube time-lapse video on this one is below. If you have a preference the video is also available on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. I ask that you wait until after you read this post to watch the video. If you’re too excited to wait then that’s fine too, I will never know.


  • Watercolour paints
  • Watercolour paper
  • water
  • Small paint pallet to mix paint
  • circle guide
  • fine paint brushes

To start, I used a pencil and drew a circle.

I can’t free hand draw a circle for the life of me. After that I began painting the details inside the marble. The main colours I used for this painting were various shades of blue, red, and yellow and some touches of green. Overall I used a dry brush technique for the swooshes but there were parts where I wet the paper a little and then added on the paint. That’s called a water blossom or bloom effect. That technique helped make the paint strokes look faded at the ends. That’s why I was able to make the paint strokes look as though they had depth to them. To make the marble look back lit, I went back in and darkened where I set the paint brush down for the water blossom effect.

There was a sort of splatter effect on the inspiration marble I used for this painting. Adding that in took planning. I had to decide which colours would stop short and not blend in with anything else. Planning that out was important, it added dimension to this piece.

Most of the swooshes of colour were painted in first then I added in tiny bubbles on top of the swooshes, they represent the air bubbles.

You might not be able to tell by watching the video that they are bubbles. They look like dots until the highlights are added in. Darkening the shades of the colours and then brightening the bubbles for even more contrast helped. One thing to remember when painting a glass marble is that there should be parts where light is pouring through and parts where the light is blocked by the colours inside of the marble. To add visual detail to the background I added in a very pale blue colour.

When I finished all of the coloured paint areas it was time to add in the tiny white bubbles.

The final touch was adding in some more detail to all the colourful paint. A few white swooshes did the trick! They showcase the light hitting the colourful parts of the marble. Give it a try! Or, If you’d rather buy this artwork it’s now available on the PTnL Redbubble shop.

Have a great 2 weeks and I will see you soon. Enjoy the video, like, save and share! To see more of my artworks head over to the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery.

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