Cherries Sketch

Today’s post was meant to be all about how I made this design. Let’s be real though. I need a bit more time to figure out how the new Imovie technology works. As easy as it would be to use my old computer I really need to embrace the new technology and learn how to use this one. Alas, it will take time! I will get back to you all on this one.

So, Instead of going over my process for this artwork I decided to share this short time lapse video of me using watercolour pencil crayons. I have never used these before so this is a real novice video. It’s a learning process and we can learn together right? First, you need a container to dip your pencil crayons in as you go. If you don’t dip them the picture will be faded and won’t really blend as much as you’d like.

Whispy Tree

For this piece I used water colour pencil crayons and a watercolour pad that was bought with the set. If you’ve ever tried wetting a piece of paper you know exactly what I mean. The ripples in the paper will ruin any artwork you hope to create. Use the paper, save time and have artwork you can show to your friends and family after lockdown. Or, don’t use the watercolour paper and don’t tell anyone about your attempt at watercolour until you can try again on watercolour paper.

After watching a few video’s on how people were using the watercolour pencil crayons I was set to begin. The first cherrie I drew was off camera because I needed to practice without everyone watching. Or, maybe I thought I hit record but actually didn’t…who knows. Either way it was all a learning for me because I found that the more I used the pencil crayons the duller they got. As normal as that is, it did become a little tricky making sharp outer edges. After I completed the first cherry I may have realized I didn’t hit record. Lights camera’s and action, no turning back! Here’s the completed image.

As you can see, the first cherry has sharper edges around it than the second one. A tip to anyone trying these out is to outline your edges first and then fill in and blend the rest. Once I started I really didn’t want to stop, wait for them to dry and then sharpen them again. That’s one thing I was not sure of, can these pencil crayons be sharpened while wet? If anyone has the answer do let me know in the comments.

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Have a great week!

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