6 Reasons to Update Your Artwork

Working from home has brought out a need to change my surroundings. I can’t be the only one this is happening to.

I mean, looking at the same things over and over again can make you want to yell! Before you yell, maybe redoing things might be called for.

I’ve been improving the things that surround me, changing the things that need to be changed.

Nothing is safe around me right now! Even the artwork on the walls. I loved it all once, but, it’s time for some change! My taste has changed I guess. So here goes…

  • How about the picture of the giraffe with its young one? Hmmm, I loved you once.
  • The painting of people dancing, they must all be so tired. They’ve been dancing for years now. It’s time to let them get on with their lives.
  • The painting of those cheery flowers, It’s beautiful but the frame is chipped. I’ve pretended for long enough that it isn’t noticeable. Maybe a better frame would work, who knows.
  • The large beautiful painting of autumn leaves. Nice but way too dark. I will be repainting you soon.
  • And All those photos that have gone stale. Sitting in their frames for far too long. They are literally sticking to the glass that houses them and wishing to be set free. It’s ok to find more current pictures. It wouldn’t be a bad thing.
  • Any artwork that has faded, or just doesn’t look nice in a room Yeah you. I’m taking you down until further notice.

If you enjoy painting as much as I do, go ahead and paint over those old artworks and make them into what you want them to be. It takes time to reimagine a room but, it’s fun to change things up, and it will make your home feel like new. I find it funny how one second I’m fine with everything I’m surrounded with and then just like that I’m sick of it and desperate for change. I guess tastes change, the things I liked just aren’t the things I like now. I won’t be getting rid of everything right away though. These things take time.

A few of the old pictures and artwork have nice frames so, I will be keeping the frames. It can’t be that hard to find another picture to frame but, I only suggest holding on to the frame if you absolutely love it. When you find that replacement picture, make sure it’s something you love as much as you love the frame! Don’t waste time framing pictures that you don’t like. Or pictures that just don’t make you happy.

There are a number of options if you can’t afford to buy all new artwork. You can repaint, print your own images or cut and paste. Be creative and make things you love and that bring you joy.

Don’t forget, this also applies to the art you create to sell. I’ve even been doing this with my creations on Redbubble. It’s really good to take a look at your artwork and add, change the layout or even the colour scheme. So, go ahead and freshen up your surroundings. Make them new to you so when you walk into that room or check out your shop you see the changes you implemented. It’s ok to want to change things up, especially with the current circumstances.

Thanks for joining me today and have a great week!

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Update Your Artwork

  1. I’m not an artist, but I love admiring art, and this post — definitely an art piece, and a good one too. I loved this so much, and I’m sure it helped so many artists out there. Just one question though, before clicking into your post, it said “visit Palm Trees and Loyalties for the full post”, how did you do that? I would really appreciate the help :))


  2. Oh thank you so much. In answer to your question I don’t know if you’re using the block editor but if you hit the blue plus sign that shows when you go to start a new block there is an icon that says More if you select it it adds in the “read more.”


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