12 thoughts on “T’was the Night Before 40

  1. So nice to see such a radical change in your wardrobe, many wouldn’t do that! love to see you’ve kept some things though, great post x

  2. Yeah a complete over haul is hard to do and certain things are too hard to let go of. But it’s a start. Thank you so much for reading. I’m going over to check out your blog now.

  3. Yaaaah one day I will let go some of the five black tops. I just need to beleive that one of them has a better story behind it and deserves to hang around longer! If only I could get started!

  4. Lol, so true. I have often thrown away stuff, only to need it at a very specific time. But you are definitely on the right truck. However, as conscious of my middle age as I might be, I dress according to how I feel. Thank you for your wonderful post!

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