Black History 2021

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I’m loving the wealth of information about Black History this year! One blog post I came across was by Deandra from Black Princess Diaries or TBPD. The post is entitled 12 Black Hidden Figures You Probably Didn’t Learn About in School. The title says it all and this post doesn’t disappoint! It does go beyond what we learned in school. What was February like for you in school? For me, it was a few assemblies and a sprinkling of readings on the P.A. System. The celebration often didn’t last the whole month and depending on which teacher was in charge it also included a lunch and maybe a dance. But, I always wondered what was missing about our history? This led to me heading to the library where I only found more of the same as what was gone over in the readings and the assembly. Nothing more!

Deandra’s post stood out to me because the individuals in it are all just as important as the people we all learned about. On that note, grab a cup, sit down and click the link above to her post. Also, if you or anyone you know is looking for greatness to share about Black History think of this post! There is always more to the story.

Thank you for joining me. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of Black History Month!

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  1. Great post! Thank you so much for the recommendation! There’s so much I need to learn about black history, I’ll definitely read the post!

  2. Thank you. I’m so glad that you will be reading Deandra’s post too. There is so much information that is important to know and understand. I really appreciate you commenting too.

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