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How to get your Amazing World of Gumball artwork Licensed to sell on Redbubble

Organic Pizza Artwork By PTnL. Licensed on Redbubble

Those of you following me on social media probably heard that I had some big news for this post. Without delay, here it is! I got another one of my artwork’s officially licensed to sell on Redbubble. This one was licensed by Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. It’s for the Amazing World of Gumball!

Because it only took a month to hear back about my Schitt’s Creek artwork, I guess I had unrealistic timeline expectations. My thinking was, they might reject it for whatever reason at first. But, that would be within the month I submit it. Then, I would make some changes and all would be fine. When I didn’t hear back and a month had gone by I sent Redbubble an email to find out what was happening. They responded that a lot of entries had come through for Gumball Licensed artwork but, they would get back to me soon. I continued to wait. After a while, I got an email notification that my artwork had been accepted by The Cartoon Network, Amazing World of Gumball.

If you’re thinking about submitting your artwork for any of the Redbubble Licensed Artwork programs I suggest you go for it! Find your favourite show or movie here and on the Partner Program page there is a 3 step process. Learn, become an expert by following the guidelines and then upload your artwork following their tagging guidelines. Remember to be patient if it takes longer than expected. Also, if by chance your Amazing World of Gumball Artwork gets rejected re-read the requirements, make your adjustments, and try again. Most importantly, be creative within the boundaries they give you and have fun with the project.

Here’s a little about this artwork.

I watched my favourite episode a few times before deciding which exact part I wanted to turn into my artwork. This artwork started as a pencil sketch. Then, I painted Gumball and Darwin using my Artist’s Loft paint markers, adding in details like fur on Gumball and scales on Darwin for a touch of realism. I didn’t have a white paint marker for Mr. Small, so I used some oil paint I had on hand since I couldn’t go to the store due to the lockdowns. I also had black oil paint so I mixed a very light grey for his face and the pizza box. This worked to make him look cloud-like. To show off the fact that the “pizza” he had eaten was “organic,” I added a faded image of my artwork Bamboos on the pizza box.

My goal with this artwork was for it to be more zoomed in than the cartoon and to make Mr. Small the main character of the piece. That was when I decided to add in a fun border. The border was created using different cutouts of some of my other artworks. If you look closely, you can see my artworks; Whispy Tree, Mountains in Paradise, Variegated, and Palm Forest. I randomly placed them all over the frame and added in the token line from “At Least it Was Organic!” If you haven’t watched this episode it called “The Job.” And it’s pretty hilarious! Loads of colour and the randomness of the frame added a graffiti artwork effect. This video is available on both TikTok (if reading this post on your cell phone) and YouTube.

Go ahead and click the link to watch the video and I will see you soon. Have a great week!

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  1. I love the picture! The colours are bright and remind of spring ( which is around the corner! ) Thank you!

  2. Oh that’s no good. There are episodes available on YouTube too. Not sure if it would be the full episode though but still worth checking out for some laughs. Thanks for joining me today.

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