Have a Happy Monday!

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Why can’t Monday be easy like Sunday morning?

Even Garfield hated Mondays. And so many artists have written songs about their general disdain for Mondays. Let’s be honest, we all dread Mondays and we’ve turned this day of the week into the villain in our life story.

Mondays are like Jeremy Jamm showing up to your lavish holiday party uninvited.

Or,  accepting a zoom video meet and then realizing that you don’t have a camera on your computer or your cell.

Since Mondays have such a bad rep, my intention with this post is to hype them up.

Maybe instead of looking at Monday as the nemesis, we should look at every Monday as a blank page.

After all, we have the whole week ahead of us. No days to look back on as having been squandered. It’s an exciting fresh start. Let’s turn this one around and look at every Monday like Fresh Prince’s first day in Bel Air. Because, there really is no way of knowing, maybe it will be a good day! I’m on a mission to make this Monday a great day!

In the spirit of sharing, one good thing I did on a Monday was starting this blog.

My first post was written on a Monday. It took me a while to post what I had written since I was making sure it was perfect. I ended up publishing it on a Tuesday. When I finally hit the publish button I ran as far away from the computer as possible. Looking back on it now, starting this blog was a real eye-opener for me because it gave me an outlet for my creativity. By the way, I have added some new designs to my Redbubble shop.

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Dr. Seuss Quote

I’ve shared one good thing from my Mondays past, now it’s your turn. Go ahead and comment below with one good thing that you did or that happened to you on a Monday.

Have a Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Have a Happy Monday!

  1. My family and I arrived in Canada from the desert on a Monday evening in December! It snowed later that night and we all lined up along the balcony window completely mesmerized by the falling snow flakes! It was magical seeing snow for the first time. Monday is the beginning of a new week! It was the beginning of our new life in this glorious Country!!!!
    Long Live Monday👍🏾

  2. Now that’s a wonderful Monday! 😁You all Must have been so happy, scared, overwhelmed yet joyous! There’s something about seeing all those opportunities for yourself and your family ahead of you at once. Thank you so much for sharing that.

  3. I hear you but the only Mondays that I enjoy are the ones that fall on a long weekend 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I actually made a tweet one time asking people to say what they like about Mondays for once. I used to hate Mondays because of school and everything. Even when I graduated, and I was still working, I technically didn’t have a reason to hate Mondays because I worked weekends too. Now that I’m not working or in school, I realized I don’t have a reason to hate them anymore. Days blend at this point lol

  5. I know how it is. It’s especially hard when you’re going to a job that you know isn’t going the way you thought it would or is too stressful. Everyone needs a break longer than 2 days now and then 😁. But it definitely helps to look at Monday’s as a new start. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  6. Thanks for today’s motivation. Monday this week was holiday, & though I need to work , my blessing was working with the most hardworking , efficient co-workers. They made working fun.

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