Who Are You Talking To?

Muhammad Ali

I’ve been challenging myself to do more positive self talk lately. And as I was sketching this portrait of Mohammad Ali I was thinking about how he talked about himself. He was a prime example of how we should all talk about ourselves. Putting yourself out there and saying positive things about yourself might not be your thing but, negative self talk isn’t good for you.

Replacing the negative self talk is tough to do!

The funny thing is sometimes you don’t even realize what you’re doing and then Bam! You’re in the middle of the negative and nearly drowning in it. Wouldn’t it be better to be your own champion? To talk about yourself as though you are the best at the things you do? Even if you don’t know your best you yet. This might be a chance for you to meet.

Here’s something to think about; how many things have you stopped yourself from doing by talking to yourself negatively? If not last week, what about this week coming up. Are there things, events, challenges that you’re already telling yourself you can’t do before you’ve even begun? Have you stopped doing something because the thought occurred to you that you might not be able to complete it? Or have you not put in your all because you already think you’re not going to win, finish or get noticed? Guess what, you need to do it anyway. If you aren’t going to do it today maybe try to think of ways to get yourself ready to go for it. What would it take for you to put yourself out there? Don’t let the negativity get the best of you. Build up your own confidence rather than waiting for other people to do it for you? Tell yourself as often as you need to all of those positive things that you need to hear to get things done! Self care begins with those conversations we have in our own heads.

Here are a few positive things I’ve been telling myself lately:

  • Wow, this is the best shading i’ve ever done! (I told myself this one right after I finished the Mohammad Ali sketch!)
  • This project is challenging and it’s going to look really good when i’m done!
  • I’m proud to have created this!
  • I did this and its great!
  • I haven’t done this before but, I can learn how!

Life has been challenging for everyone lately. So, don’t wait to hear words of encouragement from people. Tell them to yourself and keep making, and challenging yourself to do more and try more.

I’ve been working on getting some more downloadable’s on here. My question for you all is what would you all like to see more of? I’ve uploaded quite a few phone and computer wallpapers so you should check them out. If you have any suggestions let me know. You can post to my comments or the contact me form I will reply.

Thank you so much for joining me today. And remember to do more of the positive self talk. Leave the negativity alone. Have a great 2 weeks, stay well and I’ll see you in the new year!

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12 thoughts on “Who Are You Talking To?

  1. As the world becomes more and more technical, digital and virtual I have to tell myself that by taking small baby steps, I can continue to belong to the new world!

  2. Your sketches are amazing! I think you’re right that it is important to motivate yourself. For me, it also helps to talk about my problems with others who can help offer a second opinion or actionable next steps. Positive affirmations alone may cause us to gloss over areas of improvement, too.

  3. Great ideas, especially for those who put their work out in the world, like artists and writers. Your idea for thinking about HOW to get to success is so important. As Edith, noted, sometimes we need to take baby steps! Great post.

    Also, thanks for your inspiration last week about Wednesday Warm Ups. Your idea about adding a background and working through to see what is created from it was so helpful. I wrote a post on Symmetry Subtract and thanked you for the inspiration. I also sent people here to this post! Thanks again, ~ Sheri

  4. Thank you for all of your support. And sending more readers to my blog. I really appreciate that. I’m also glad to have inspired you.
    Edith is right in saying that change takes baby steps.

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