Season’s Greetings

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Hopefully you and yours are doing well. This year feels different in comparison to last year but I’m trying to make the best of it. The circumstances that we are all back in are strange and sad but Christmas is still just around the corner. Have you decorated yet? I have. The sparkling lights really help me feel cheerful in these dreary times. Especially with the seasons changing and the days getting shorter and nights getting so much longer. Wherever you are, and whoever you are with, even if you are spending time alone in isolation or with family; find little area’s to add sparkly lights, a tiny tree, or some cheerful red and green items around your home.

If you are stepping out to do your groceries or go to appointments don’t forget to wear your mask and spread some cheer. You have no idea how this pandemic is impacting anyone’s life so be kind. These circumstances have shined a light on the importance of empathy. Here’s a guided meditation by Mark Williams called Befriending. It helps in cultivating a sense of kindness towards yourself and others. He says something along the lines of; “think of someone. It doesn’t have to be someone you know. It could be a complete stranger, your grocery store clerk.” Your kids teacher, that neighbour you don’t know unless they are standing in front of their house. Ok, so I added that one but, the point is still there. You never know what that person may be going through, especially now.

Since so many places are closed down due to the pandemic, shopping for Christmas has been a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ways to get around all the shut downs and still get a gift for your loved ones if you choose:

  • Check if any of the small stores around you are offering curb side pick up or online shopping with delivery. It’s a great way to support small businesses and get something special for your friends and family if you can afford it.
  • Make a gift yourself. Yeah I know its hard to feel crafty during this pandemic but, it might make you feel more like yourself again.
  • If you’re awesome and know how to give plant cuttings without hurting your plants go for it! I know of quite a few people who didn’t used to care about plants but have done a full 180 since this pandemic began.
  • I know this one is frowned upon but its still an option, especially this year with everyone clearing out clutter around the house. Regift something, yeah I said it! There are plenty of ways to regift without looking unappreciative. Step 1 to regifting is not giving the gift back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Step 2 don’t let the person you got the gift from know what you have done! No sense holding onto things that you don’t use or like. You might as well give it to someone who will love it!
  • If you really need to buy something more techy that isn’t available anywhere else buy it online. Delivery has gotten a lot better since summer time.
  • Ok, now don’t look at me sideways but you could also consider putting off gift giving until after the pandemic is over. The problem with that idea is that no one knows when that will be. But with people being furloughed consider yourself lucky if you get a gift anyway. So why not? The prospect of Christmas in July sounds nice to me.

No matter what you decide to do remember to spread the cheer and check in on your loved ones.

Ice, Sunset & Time

I have posted a new video on my YouTube Channel. Its a landscape! You know when you see a photograph and it beckons you to recreate it. Yeah, that’s what happened to me. It’s an acrylic painting of the frozen shores of the Arctic Ocean. Loads of blue, grey, orange and white. I can’t believe I forgot what a fun medium acrylic is to use. My process started with the ice at the bottom of the painting. My favourite part of this painting was the sunset. The variations of orange really put a sense of peaceful calm over the painting. It was kind of like an orange blanket over blue sheets.

Have a great day and a hope you have a great 2 weeks till we meet again!

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  1. Loved the blog! The giving ideas were light, cheerful and doable! Thank you!!!

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