3 Virtual Treats

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is holding up well. I want to brighten your day by giving you some lovely virtual treats! A lot has been going on and I’ve been busy drawing, doing time-lapse video’s so on and so forth. You gotta continue reading to get all the treats though so, don’t stop here, keep reading.

There’s a new video up on my YouTube Channel or TikTok if you prefer. I The portrait was painted on canvas using paint markers. To see how it came to life check out any of the above. Your support would be very much appreciated. You can like, subscribe or follow me on TikTok for more time-lapse videos.

Painting of a Woman

Also, remember my Breaking Up post? All about the madness that went on when I was with that other company? Well, this is the opposite. Since I’ve now been with Redbubble for going on a year, and have no qualms with them, I’m spreading my wings a little. Yes, I have jumped the virtual broom! Well that might not be the right way put it! What I’m trying to say is that my products are NOW also available on TeeSpring here’s the link. WAIT! Don’t click it yet! One more thing and this is the best thing.

I’ve never given away free things before so here goes… On my shop page, there was a FREE Limited Time Artwork Virtual Download. Sorry you missed it. The price has gone back up to $15 dollars for 2 downloads. All I ask is that you don’t reproduce for resale. You can frame it and hang it on your wall, give it as a Chritmas gift or use it as your screen saver. Be kind and share the link to the download with those you love. This is my virtual hug to you and yours! I will be adding my artworks for sale here shortly so look out for that.

Link to Limited Time Free Download. 11/22/2020

Have a great day and next 2 weeks. See you on December 6th.

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I figured it's important that I explain why I chose the Palm tree instead of the Pine tree. Both are beautiful and similar in one way. They both bend with the storms that pass, but still stand. This blog is just that. "Its me, still standing!" I now a make a pledge to very often find things to write about and always put an interesting spin on how I write about them. Hint hint...there will always be humour attached. This blog will be for those who like to read and see the fun and adventure in life. Not keen on talking about it. So I will write about it! Let's go!

5 thoughts on “3 Virtual Treats

  1. Thanks, I really appreciate that. Your portraits are really inspirational. Hope you went on YouTube to see it come to life too. I Hadn’t completed a painted portrait in a while. Thought I’d give it a try!

  2. Indeed. It can be daunting completing those, especially when one’s busy with other stuff. Still waiting for the time I’ll sit 6 straight hours to complete a portrait😄🤞.

    Nice time lapse video by the way, and thanks for the compliment.

  3. Thank you for putting a needed smile on my face! I love free beautiful treats😀

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