Halloween Will Be Fun!

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Halloween is nearly here. But, I am more excited than usual about Christmas. Would you believe I’ve already started buying gifts? It’s the prospect of 2021 being better or just getting a clean slate for all of us to begin rebuilding. Ok, I won’t talk about Christmas or New Years yet. Back to Halloween.

Halloween will be fun but, it is going to be different this year! These strange current circumstances have changed so many things around us so quickly. But we have to adapt to the times. Here is what I intend on doing and not doing on Halloween.

You all know I’m not into the scary stuff but, under normal circumstances handing out candy is where I’m at on Halloween night. This year is going to be different though. Sorry kids, don’t knock or ring the doorbell; the lights will be out and, I won’t be answering. That’s right! I won’t be handing out candy this year and, I’m positive your parents can explain why. Instead, I plan to roast pumpkin seeds, bake a homemade sweet potato pie. Drink apple cider or apple cinnamon tea. Eat Halloween candy and those small flavourful bags of chips. No virtual Halloween parties either since I’m not the dress up for Halloween type. If that’s what you want to do then, you should go for it! Especially if you have little ones.

Then, I will grab a warm blanket, hike up my lengthiest, warmest socks and, watch scary movies for the rest of the night with one eye open. Hey, have any of you done the Stay Awake Challenge with the family before? The Stay Awake Challenge is when the whole family stays awake, watches movies and, plays video games or board games all night together. The last person to fall asleep wins. And parents, no cheating by drinking coffee after dark. I have the ultimate unfair advantage here. If I watch enough scary movies, I won’t be able to sleep, haha!

While this probably sounds boring to those of you who are having your usual Halloween party, it’s not boring to me. I’m going to err on the side of caution. There might be nothing wrong with having a get-together but, check your areas’ restrictions. Police shutting down your party is not a good look.

Some areas have paused social circles all together for now. Meaning you are only supposed to be around those who live within your household. And, maintaining a distance of 2 metres between yourself and anyone else is recommended. Now, I don’t know how long your arms are but, unless your name is Elasti-Girl settling in for the night would be best. If you know you aren’t feeling well, it’s simple. Stay Home and away from others!

My point is find a way to enjoy the day with those you live with. I know I will.

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By the way, if you need to relax, head over to my Youtube channel. I posted a new video or, if you’d prefer to join me on TikTok @palmtreesloyatlies that’s fine too.

There are plenty of ways to check in on your friends and family so be sure to do so. Stay well and stay safe!

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