Sharing Gratitude…My top 10 List

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Are you feeling what i’m feeling? Yes, this is a great time to do a reset and share a list of top 10 things I’m grateful for. There are far too many bad things going on in this world not to bring up some good right about now.  This post is all about gratitude so if you’re feeling miserable I understand but hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me.Let me know if you are grateful for any of the things that hit my list.

  1. My health. Although, I have hit a few rough patches here and there overall Im grateful it wasn’t worse. This pandemic has provided me with a lot of time to think and process a lot of things I know I otherwise wouldn’t have. It has also reminded me of the importance of  self care and due diligence when it comes to my health and the people in my immediate family.
  2. My family and friend. Fam. Through all the ups and downs of life we help each other and make each other better. I’m so glad that we are all well and getting through all the changes that are transpiring around us together. We laugh, joke and even fight sometimes. At the end of it all I wouldn’t trade any of you. I say friend because you know when you have that one person who you can tell anything and be away from them for weeks/months at a time and as soon as you see each other again it’s like time hasn’t moved? I’m being a show off because…I have 1 of those.
  1. Earning money to do all those fun things like paying bills. While people have been furloughed or even worse let go from their jobs I’m lucky to still have mine. Working from home has truly been a blessing even though sometimes I do feel guilty for it. But the truth is I work just as hard as when I was in the office. Even my Redbubble has been doing well enough for me to report back. Still having a pay-check also enables me to give to causes that I support.
  2. A place to live. Isolation hasn’t been easy but getting work done around the house has been great. Finally, the living room has been  painted. The best way to describe the colour it was is to say that it was a doughish nothingness. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against beige but the sponged effect looked very 90’s. Besides, Grey is the new beige! Still, there’s are so many more projects but everything takes time. No rush.
  3. Creative outlets. They all keep me going. From blogging to drawing I really enjoy all of them and sharing them with the world has been so rewarding. One great thing about blogging is that the blogging community is very supportive and kind. When I began this journey I had heard a great deal about people on the internet tearing each other down. That fed into my fear and kept me away from sharing my creativity. Anyone reading this and thinking about starting a blog, or even sharing their art go for it! Show the world what you can do!  
  4. Strong Coffee. Because otherwise I would be the girl who sleeps at work. You all know someone like that, don’t lie! I love my coffee black and with no sugar. I savour my one cup a day before 12pm. Anything after that and I must be trying to pull an all nighter. Something I haven’t done since University.
  5. Nature. It’s beautiful and always energizes me. Even just a few minutes listening to the birds chirp and the breeze rustling through the trees, feeling the sun. It’s no wonder I have so much trouble feeling energetic in the winter time.
    photo of person standing on rocks
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  6. Summer time. I know its kind of weird to be grateful for a season but why can’t a season be a reason…to be grateful? Yeah, I rhyme sometimes. But I am sad to see it go. As the leaves start changing colour I have to look back and be happy with all I have. As with all seasons, it will come around again. 
  7. Water just because it’s good. Strange fact about me I get as moody as a 2 year old when I don’t drink enough water during the day. I’ve pitched a fit and then gotten a headache far too many times to not see a correlation. Yet, if I get splashed you will feel my wrath! Haha…just kidding, or am I? 
  8. My ability to meditate. Sometimes I take it for granted and don’t use it when I should but when I do oh boy! I’m the calmest person. Meditation has helped me to really stay calm and collected during these hard times. And I have to say, I’m so glad I took the time to learn about the importance of it and how to actually do it.

So…what are you grateful for?

Hopefully this post helps boost your gratitude meter. Live in the present and enjoy every step you take in life no matter how big or small. Thanks for reading. Also, since there is so much bad going on in the world here are a few ways that you can donate towards social justice causes:

To donate to Black Lives matter on a Global scale, there’s Black Lives Matter Global Network

Here’s a petition you can sign called Justice for Regis Korchinski Paquett who allegedly fell to her death from a 24th floor balcony on May 27th 2020.

Or you could donate to:

8 thoughts on “Sharing Gratitude…My top 10 List

  1. I am very grateful for family and friends because when I do something really stupid, especially with my health, I have people in my corner to set me straight, laugh with me and give advice!!!!

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