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It’s a Celebration! Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Hi, you landed here because of the title, don’t look away now! Guess who wrote their 100th blog post last week? I DID! I got the notification when I posted last week’s post. I still can’t believe it. Without sounding all 100th day of schoolish here we are at 100.


Like most other bloggers, I’ve been taking a look at my older content and freshening up lately. It takes time. Don’t let it stop you from looking in that corner or under that, even between the lines here. A special thank you to my readers for always coming back and commenting on my posts. For those of you who have been thinking of starting a blog go for it! It will change, it will grow, it will be great because it’s yours!

Go for it!

Back to 100, what an accomplishment!

As most of you know I don’t blog every day, wish I could but right now I can’t. If I did I would be at my 500th post which would be a completely different celebration involving maybe a piñata or a cruise. But alas, cruises have been banned. I’m kidding, I have no idea if they will fall to the wayside post-COVID 19 or if they have already. Are people still going on cruises now? Also, how would I deal with a piñata now? Would I be alone in a dark room? Without a blindfold? Would all of my party people be behind plexiglass watching in separate rooms with masks on? When I finally smashed the piñata would all the candy be mine? Hmmmmm.

Here’s how my 100th blog post celebration really went down.

Oh Covid 19, why’d you do this? Oh well, it was still a celebration to me.

Have a great day and stay safe.


13 thoughts on “100th Blog Post

  1. Congratulations on your 100th!! I look forward to reading the next 100!
    Keep grinding!

  2. That’s a big accomplishment. Congratulations on your 100th post. Keep up the good work.

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