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Never regret anything that made you smile – Mark Twain

Even if I feel silly about doing something or saying something if it makes me smile or laugh then it was worth it! That’s why I love this quote and why I write about my mishaps. By the way, if you need a little laugh right now read this. Sometimes my mishaps aren’t even funny at the time. Yet, while writing them or telling people about them I see the humor in them. for example, when I wrote this post I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh my, the things that frightened me as a child!

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With everything going on right now, it’s more important than ever to find joy wherever you can. If it makes you laugh, it’s worth thinking about, sharing, and remembering. I encourage you all to smile with a friend, family member, or smile alone in a mirror. Practice smiling with your eyes. So that even when you’re wearing a mask people will notice your sunny disposition even though it’s covered up with your disposable or cloth mask. Do your best and I will too.

Everyone, including myself, is so focused on social distancing, sanitizing while they are out and about. Don’t quote me or anything but, I don’t think you can catch COVID by taking a moment to smile at someone with your mask on. Your smile could make someone’s day!

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22 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Yesterday i was thinking about some comedies I watched back in the 90’s..I laughed so hard that I was nearly in tears. These moments make life worth living.

    I also believe that being able to laugh at yourself puts you in that special group of people that other people want to be around.

  2. Yes I agree! All I said at the check out was,“Winter is hard work”. People around me agreed, giggled, smiled and relaxed!

  3. This was such a sweet post! Smiling is such a easy and free way to make your day and someone else’s day a bit better.

  4. I swear I’m laughing at myself all the time lol. Being quarantined has me going insane for sure so I have to laugh. I love texting my friends too because they always give me a good laugh!

  5. Something as simple as a smile can change everything! I try to look for reasons to be happy every day, even in small things. And I agree, “laughter is always the best medicine!”

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