You Wanted a Firefly?

A while back one of my readers requested that I draw a firefly.  Thank you for your request and here it is.

Firefly 2020-6-28 12.01.24
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I had no idea that the firefly or lightening bug had so much symbolism or that they are in nearly every corner of the world except Antarctica. Apologies to those of you who wanted to go there to see the fireflies. You’ll have to find another reason to make the trip!

Fireflies are symbolic of hope, which is something that we all need in these difficult times. Whether we are worried about how 2020 is shaping up or the rigamarole of our daily tasks, we all need hope. I don’t know about you guys but when I do even small things that make me happy I remind myself that there is still a lot to look forward to.

Some other symbolic meanings of fireflies:









There may be as many symbolic meanings as there are different species of fireflies but I didn’t want to make this post into a listicle. Did you know that fireflies aren’t bugs or flies at all? They’re actually beetles. To be honest, they are the most ordinary-looking beetles I’ve seen. It’s at night that they turn luminous and light up their surroundings with their soft glow. They do this to attract the attention of a mate. Hmmm, imagine if we could light ourselves up instead of exerting ourselves at the gym or at a club. Yeah, sorry…that would be creepy!

While drawing this picture, it occurred to me that I probably had seen a firefly during the day and didn’t even realize what it actually was. This beetle is a prime example of not really knowing the capabilities or beauty that surrounds us. Anyone or anything could have beauty within it. But, you’ll never know unless you take the time to find out.

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Have a great week and stay safe.




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