There is a lot going on in the world right now that we should ALL be angry about. I use this blog to spread positivity and encourage people but honestly, this past week I can’t!

I am angry! And I’ve been angry for a while now. The things that I have seen online and on t.v. anger me and I feel like some, most, all other black people do. UNHEARD and FRUSTRATED! Why should this be ok when it isn’t? Why do I have to explain to my loved ones that on top of being afraid of catching a virus they also need to be afraid of the police, or the people around them without good intentions?

I have to because I need to arm them with the information of how they are viewed by the world. I know this because I have been viewed the same. I have gone into job interviews and watched as the interviewer sat in shock when I walked through the door. I have graduated high school with the seed already planted in my head that a high school diploma would be the only diploma I could ever get. I have even been denied seeing a rental space because of my skin colour.

None of what has happened to me compares to being killed on the street, in your own home, in custody, or being tossed off a balcony. Or, being kidnapped and no one looking for you because of your race. It ALL frustrates me as it does daily for all black people. And as always, the narrative will change. I know this and so do you!

I cannot spread positivity today because I feel like none of us have positivity to spread right now. I cannot encourage you because like all other black people I need encouragement myself. I am angry and frustrated.


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  1. I have read many wonderful sounding reports and listened to numerous privileged people talk about how they need to do better. Yet, here I am, almost 40 years later, still fretting for my children and grandchildren living in this beautiful country tarnished with racism, prejudice, and killings! Someone, anyone show you care!

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