Why is My Order Taking So Long?

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It was around November 2019 and all was well. It’s funny with the current state of things, everything really was fine. My friend Jannette noticed that she had made her first artwork sale. She waited for the website to update that the purchase had gone through. Fast forward to Christmas morning. It was one of Janette’s friends that had bought her artwork. He texted her wondering, why his order was taking so long.

She listened to his concern but figured that maybe he had ordered it too late for it to be delivered by Christmas. She decided to wait a week to see if maybe the delivery was held up. A week went by and it was now the New Year, still nothing. She contacted customer Support and told them all about the full details of the situation. She was told that someone would get back to her.  She wondered if she should go and pick it up from the manufacturer. Then decided it was best she waited, while also checking in with her friend to see if the package came in.

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It wasn’t until the following week that she got an email saying that the order had been cancelled. “Due to a high volume of orders since it was peak season.” She totally understood the whole peak season thing. blah blah blah, “the entire purchase had been refunded. Sincere apologies were followed by the very last line of the entire email. This was the part that really bothered her. The customer service person had written; “Please let your customer reorder it if they still want it.” After picking up the glass shards which she had once called her feelings she then contacted her friend. He informed her that he hadn’t gotten his money back. As impatience slowly began to seep from her pores she decided it was best she waited a week. After all, they had stated in the email that putting money back on a credit card could take 24 – 48 hours. She gave them a fair chance to do what they said they were going to do. Meanwhile checking back with her friend, probably pissing him off now…”Did you get the refund yet?” “Hi, how was your day? Did you get your money back?” “Hey, did you get anything?” When she emailed Pixels again they responded with, “the issue may be on the credit card company’s side” and to “contact them instead.” When he did, they could only see the payment and not the refund to his account. He eventually got his money back, about a month later!

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I have an obligation to tell you that you should replace all of the she’s with I’s since this whole thing actually happened to me! Now onto the rant portion of this post. I was livid that they would tell me to tell a customer to re-order. Why had they not reached out to the customer themselves? Especially considering the error was on their end. Also, where was my guarantee that the same thing wouldn’t happen again and he wouldn’t be out even more money? They must have sent that part of the message via snail mail. They mishandled the situation and could have done better.  At the end of it all its an unhappy customer! By the way one of my first posts was all about great customer service.

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So there you go. Now you know what went down and why I left Pixels and Fine Art of America. I still support artists that are with them though! After all, it’s not their fault I had a bad experience. Full disclosure, I ordered a gift for someone at the beginning of January. And it was delivered by the end of January. Which was just in time. To find out what happened after all this drama go here. I’m sure they learned from the experience as I did. Probably by now they are doing better at advising customers that orders placed too close to Christmas will not be fulfilled.

Thanks for listening. Do you guys order stuff online? Have you experienced anything like this before? I think it hurt the most because it was my first attempt at selling my artwork. I tried, I learned, and I moved on!

Not to worry, I’m still working on the firefly picture. I will be posting it as soon as I’m done!

Have a great week and stay well! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Why is My Order Taking So Long?

  1. It seems as though some businesses are not making customer service a priority anymore.

  2. Yeah that is so true. The thing is, I get it it was a busy time but I still feel as though they could have handled the situation better than they did. But, it’s ok, now. I guess it happened for a reason. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. They cancelled the order but didn’t bother informing the customer directly when they decided to do that? That company sucks

  4. Customer service is huge to me as a consumer. During these times, I like many others have purchased many things. If your comment is to reorder if you still want it, I think I’d be that person to pass.

  5. Agreed! It was pretty bad customer service and now it has become the standard. That’s exactly how I saw it though, if I wouldn’t reorder it why would I tell a customer to???

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