Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

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I’ve written three different Mother’s Day blogs over the years. It’s been a busy week so the thought of re-posting one of them crossed my mind.  But, the overwhelming need to write something new took over instead.

I have something to say! And it may come as somewhat of a shocker to those of you who don’t know.

We are all Mothers if we think about it. It’s true if you look up the adjective for the word mother you’ll see is this, “Relating to or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind.” Most of us have people, animals, or things that we care for, protect, and show kindness towards. That’s Mothering!

Reach out to those you love today, after all, we’re all in this together! Also, please don’t forget to thank Mother Nature for all she does. Go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine, rain, or that cold cold breeze. Be grateful for all you have!

Thank you for reading and for all that you do to support those around you. Happy Mother’s Day to All!



6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

  1. I love being a mother even though I often overmother ( is that a word? ) those closest to me. Sometimes I say I don’t care but deep down, of course I do! Let’s continue mothering each other especially at this time. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  2. This was really nice! I think we need to be particularly thankful to mother Earth considering how much damage we do.

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