So, You Cancelled That Appointment. Now What?

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When there’s something you have to do but you just don’t want to do it, what do you do? I used to procrastinate my way through it but, then I realized that it’s much better to get it over with. Rip that bandaid off as quickly as possible instead of taking the approach I always take with bandaids. There are so many things that as adults we just do. We don’t like them so we get it over with and move on quickly.

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I don’t like going to the dentist! Sorry dentists but, I swear there just isn’t room for both your hands, that ex-ray thing, and those dental tools in my mouth. My mouth is not a pack-all Lululemon festival bag. Even as a child, everything about going to the dentist bothered me. “Really Mom, you want me to lay back and cross my fingers that my mouth doesn’t piss off this dentist or the dental technician?” Hmmm. “So, I just lay back and hope for the best? This is not a good idea, you know that right?”

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I once had a dentist who I swear, had just lost billions in the stock market, or his reno had gone over cost or something. Anyways, he decided to take his anger out on me. He used so much pressure putting in fillings and cleaning my mouth that he left me with such a headache. He poked and scraped everywhere and when I bled he claimed it was because my teeth were too close together. No sir, it’s literally because you are intentionally poking my gums with that dull cabinet scraper! I’m exaggerating but you guys know that. To be clear, I exaggerated about the tool he used, not about the blood, headache, or all the pressure. I couldn’t wait for my feet to touch the ground again. He made moving on and finding a new dentist an easy decision. Thanks, Edward Pressure Hands!

I mean no disrespect to those dentists and dental techs that read my blog. Please don’t take offense. None of you would ever do what he did, I know that! And, that’s why I have to share that the one thing I love the most about going to the dentist is leaving. I’m kidding my most favourite thing about going to the dentist is that really clean feeling. You see, even though I left that dentist with my gums shredded, after I rinsed my mouth for the 10th time and the bleeding stopped I knew. There was no denying it. Every inch, every corner, and every little crevice was undeniably clean. I wouldn’t be able to eat my favourite spicy foods for a week but, I loved it and I never went back.

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That was the past, now onto the present day. About a few weeks before the *ish hit the fan I had made a dentist appointment. Then panic happened as some businesses slowly started to close. My thinking was, is this the right time to be so close to anyone? I called and let the receptionist know that I would not be keeping my appointment. She asked, “Is it because of the COVID?” to which I replied, “oh, most definitely!” Right now, I regret canceling because I long for that clean feeling. Do dentists do house calls? Eww, I guess that wouldn’t be sanitary huh? Even while canceling my appointment I remember wondering if I would end up like Chuck Noland knocking out my own teeth with an ice skate. Ha, who am I kidding? I would pass out as I brought the skate closer to my face and long before it even touched my teeth. Oh Wilson, how did you just sit there and watch that?

Well, as soon as things are back to normal I will be the first one ripping bandaids off and  banging on my dentists door.

Have a great week and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “So, You Cancelled That Appointment. Now What?

  1. I literally never use to rip bandaids off, or anything stuck to my body really. Letting them come off naturally or slowly pulling them off, often using water to help the process. Now I just rip them off.

    The same applied for stuff like letters, I use to be afraid to open them, but that often made the situation worse once I did, as I’d wasted valuable time to deal with whatever came out ot the envelope. Now I open them right away too.

    I haven’t applied this to everything in my life, but I’m trying to ‘rip that bandaid off’

  2. Ok. So it’s not just me! Back in December the dentist told me I had a tooth that needed to retire, or to be extracted. I have had this done before and the memory still makes me feel sick! I procrastinated to the point where I might have to deal with this horror at this time😥 Get out of it again? Not a chance!

  3. Yeah, no more. As much as I don’t like going to the dentist I hate toothaches and having teeth removed more. I would write a post about my wisdom tooth extraction but I’m just not quite ready yet. Go, go as soon as they reopen.

  4. Yeah, same with me and no matter what they say those special toothpastes don’t seem to work for me. I guess I just that option to be an option again. Oh the things we take for granted.

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