And, Silence…

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Can I tell you guys a secret? Try not to judge me for this but, I haven’t been reading lately. It just hasn’t been as easy to escape in a book as it used to be. Let’s chalk it up to an inability to focus.

I’m having issues with the amount of information about this pandemic: Staying home, quarantine versus self-isolation, everything! Does anyone else play that game daily where you want to know what’s happening but would rather not be bombarded with details. I’m saying, I’d rather not be a participant in the COVID-19 highway of information. Yes, I said it! I want to walk on the soft shoulder right beside the highway with the ability to veer off onto a quiet cul-de-sac if I so choose, please and thank you. Don’t even try to take that away from me!



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I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all the information and everything being up in the air. There have been a few particular questions burrowing holes in my mind for a few hours each day. 1. When are things going to be normal again? 2. Is this, the new normal? d. (because it rhymes with 3) Will I be able to find what I need at my favourite grocery store? You tell me, I’m just trying to avoid getting stuck in the drain like those bits of grated cheese you thought you scraped off your plate before placing it in the sink.



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Then comes the misleading information. Even if you try, you just can’t avoid it can you? A co-worker or a friend from your knitting class will send you information as though they saw it themselves or know it to be the truth! Meanwhile, Kimberly Drummond aka Katniss Everdeen posted the same thing, word for word on her Facebook page. Was it true, who knows? Maybe do some fact-checking before taking it for the truth. You know what they say, “when you assume…”



This is how I’ve been feeling and I’ve been wondering If I’m alone. At first like most people my silence was more panicked and wide eyed. But one good thing that’s happened recently is that I’ve been using it to reflect. The silence is slowly reverting back into meditative calm. If you’re like me and silence helps you make sense of all the current events then so be it! Go for a walk or just sit down and simply reflect on your own life in your own way in your own time. What I’m saying is that we all need to do what’s right for ourselves. So if you’re good with going online and watching everything as it unfolds Kudos to you. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. There is no magic Eight Ball that knows definitively what right is for you only you know that. So, do your homework and find your balance. But I’m warning you, it might take some quiet time.



I am really looking forward to escaping into a good book if not today maybe tomorrow. Maybe I’ll start out with the Audible app. Have a great week and stay safe.

Also check out my first attempt at a charcoal and paint marker sketch. Truth is I haven’t used charcoal since I was in high school. Oh well, I drew a Jelly fish! Check it out in the Palm Trees and Loyalties Gallery



15 thoughts on “And, Silence…

  1. I feel the same way about receiving so much misinformation. It becomes overwhelming at times. I’m of the belief that when the time comes we will receive all the real information that we need. For me, constantly searching for information on this virus is just too much.

  2. Yes, It’s just all too much. I’m Not trying to say that everyone should hide from it just be wary of sources and maybe take it in portions you yourself can handle is all. And, Silence…! Thanks for reading! See you here next week! 😁🏝

  3. Yes, I try and stay away from all the new information and just try and keep myself as focused as possible to keep my mind off it. I’ve been trying to use this time to do something productive and make the most of it so I started a blog and I’m really enjoying getting into it!

  4. Now that’s awesome! Doing something productive and keeping busy is the best thing to do right now! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. Stay safe! 😁🏝

  5. Receiving all this information has been very hard on me as well. I try not to look at news, and I skip anything on Twitter and IG that has to do with the pandemic because I can’t read any more about it.

  6. I hear you. It’s a one two step to avoid it as best as you can. Remember to do something just for you each day in order to get through! Thanks for reading and stay safe. 😁🏝

  7. I loved this post! Yes, I can relate. With all the misinformation out there, who knows what is true and real anymore. Silence can be opressive, but it can also be restorative. I am glad you are not trending toward the latter!

  8. I can’t handle too much information! I feel like I have been ambushed 😩 I need to escape. Usually I go for a long walk which often tires me out so much it’s hard to shut my mind down and fall asleep! This new normal shall pass! I need to calm down, wash my hands and wait for the real thing…

  9. I’ve recently learned to slow my mind and just focus on reading again. But, sometimes I read the same sentence 2 or 3 times when I first start. Glad to report I’m getting back into it again though.

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