What Colours Suit Your Personality?

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In the interest of getting away from listening or watching the news, I thought it would be cool to pass along a short quiz just to pass a little bit of time. You know, take our minds off the goings-on. Since guess what, they will go on whether or not we watch.

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One positive about so much alone time is that we all have time to reflect and discover things about ourselves.

Here goes! Have you ever wondered if your favourite colour even suits your personality? I have. Take this quiz to see if that favourite colour of yours really suits you.



My favourite colour is blue, would you believe my personality goes better with red and black. Yeah, try for yourself and let me know what your results are!

Is That Really Your Favourite Colour?

Feel free to share. A break from reality may be just what a loved one or a friend needs right about now. Have a great week and stay well!


10 thoughts on “What Colours Suit Your Personality?

  1. I got satin black with red. Although two if the questions had nothing close to answer I could pick, like the first drink I have run the morning is water, I only really drink water

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