My Artistic Process: The Cassette Tape

black and gray cassette tape leaned on wall
My Artistic Process: The Cassette Tape Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani on

Hi, Today’s post is different than any post I’ve done before. Last week I decided to draw a picture of a cassette. This is the picture.

Hip Hop

As soon as I finished colouring it in I regretted making it so big because it left me with no room to add anything to it. From that picture I decided to begin another one and include some other music genres. So, I’ve been working on this for the past week or so and taking pictures of my progress as it came to life.

So the very first image here took a lot of measuring and ruler use. Gotta be honest I didn’t find this part fun. That might be why I only drew one cassette at first. Not to worry, once I started colouring them in things got exciting!

It was easier to colour in the ones I was sure of. The reggae and pop cassette tapes were easy to complete because I knew what colours I was going to use right from the start. For the rest of them I just had to go with my gut and just colour. For some reason committing to the colours for the R and B one was extremely hard to do.

This is the completed work. What do you think? This is now has posted on Redbubble.

Cassette W

Thanks for joining me today and have a great week!

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  1. The artistic process may have taken longer but it was worth it! I love the colourful cassette tapes!!

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