My Top 5 Movies

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I enjoy watching movies. So I thought I’d share MY top 5 list of movies. Please keep in mind they are not in any particular order.Read on, maybe my list is something like yours? If not what are some of your favourite movies?

-Pursuit of Happyness

Ok so, you know when you watch a movie and feel like it has changed your outlook on life? Yeah, I love this movie so much and the emotions that I was pulled through watching it were so overwhelming I really can’t watch it again.


Yes, I am a chicken! I don’t watch scary movies unless its broad daylight so I have time to forget them by the time I go to bed. I’ve done my research and apparently, a lot of you are just like me with my fear of clowns. As scared as I am of clowns the movie IT was such a great movie. I saw the first It movie before I should have and I will freely admit now that it played a part in my fear of clowns. I was very hesitant to watch the remake last year, but I forced myself to watch the whole thing one afternoon and boy did it live up to what I recalled. Really scary!

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No, not Clifford the Big Red Dog, I mean Clifford the movie with Martin Short. You guys know that I love to laugh. I’ve been laughing at this movie for decades now. This movie is about a mischievous little boy who finds different ways to get what he wants. This movie used to be easy to find but I haven’t been able to find it lately. I need to look it up and buy myself a copy.

-Cast Away

Most people have seen this movie possibly even multiple times. I love this movie because it’s all about how quickly and drastically life can change. Decisions are key in this movie…For those people who are all about the visuals, this movie is very beautifully filmed as well.


I loved the first Jumanji movie so much that I got robbed by Columbia House in the 90’s because I wanted to own it so badly. This movie was such an adventure. I loved it then and even loved the sequel! This is a big thing for me because I generally don’t like sequels.

If you haven’t watched any of the 5 movies on MY list and decide to check any of them out please, let me know what you think. Enjoy!!

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8 thoughts on “My Top 5 Movies

  1. Some of the movies you’ve mentioned make my all time favourite movies list. Here are my top 5.

    1) Scarface
    2) Boyz n the hood
    3) Forest Gunp
    4) Gladiator
    5) Training Day

    I’m like you, there are movies that I can only watch once. Here is a list of movies that I will never ever watch again.

    1) Roots
    2) Colour Purple
    3) Precious

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  2. I loved Pursuit of Happines very much but it took me through a range of emotions.
    I couldn’t watch it again!


  3. I haven’t seen Bugsy Malone, sounds good though. I will have to check it out. I’m such a naturally born chicken yet I watched the Exorcist before ratings were even put on movies. Thank you so much for reading.


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