The Truth About Getting Back From Vacation

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Going back to work after vacation has always been a painful experience. No matter where I’ve worked. It’s relaxing being off and away from the daily grind. Life was sweet! you ate what you wanted when you wanted. You got some rest and did whatever you wanted to do.

You woke up on that first day back feeling like a wet blanket. Slowly you got dressed. Went to the kitchen, packed lunch and found all your fixings. Dragged your lunch bag from the back of the cupboard where you hid it so you wouldn’t be reminded of work while you were on vacation.

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This experience only worsens when you get back to your workspace and find that people have been using it as a dumping ground. The things that they found while you were off were dumped on your desk. “Important papers” lay loosely shivering against the cold air conditioning blowing furiously down on them. The papers only wish of being filed gets diminished by the reality that they were abandoned by their owner. In the antagonist’s head, she literally put those papers directly into your invisible hand while you were off sipping that Moscow Mule.

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Yes, I said it quietly under my breath as I dumped all that stuff in the trash. Too bad if you put a sticky note on it thinking I would see it amongst the mess. After I finish breathing through clenched teeth I turn on my computer. Lo and behold! 200 emails a few things I was cc’ed on, why? Who knows. Without looking up, I sense him approaching. He only comes into the office when his adult children kick him out of the house. He speaks! “Oh, you’re back, did you read my emails?” Seriously out of 200 emails, you expect me to have read yours within the 2 minutes and 48 seconds I’ve been back? Yay me, for real though, the party’s over!

You left work to start your vacation feeling like the woman in the first photo. The palm trees are now in your rearview. You’ve been smacked back into reality as the woman in photo 3 trying not to make eye contact.



I’ve been wondering lately if there’s a career that I would be happy to come back to after my vacation. I realized that the only way that would be possible is by making a career out of doing something that I love to do. We all know what that is for me, but hey, what about you? What career would you love to come back to after a much-deserved vacation? Work towards that as best as you can, eventually, coming back from vacation won’t be so bad.

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  1. Returning to work after a relaxing vacation is always stressful! One way I get throgh it happens to be a cupful of humour!

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