What’s the last food that you were excited to eat?

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What’s the Last Food You Were Excited to Eat? Photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

The last food I was excited to eat was…
fish tacos. And that’s tacos in the plural form because I did not stop at one. I hadn’t had them before so finally finding a place that had them on the menu was so exciting!

Fish Tacos

When I finally got my hands on the first one I mindfully ate it, slowly and very quietly. Every colour, texture, and flavour was thoroughly enjoyed. It was so worth the wait! The other two were a bit of a blur due to the enjoyment of the first one but let’s not dwell on that. Moving along, the 3 reasons I love fish tacos:

#1 They are tacos

#2 I did not cook them myself    

And #3 I love both fish and tacos so the combination was perfect.

What’s the last food you were excited to eat?


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