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What-ifs can stop you from trying new things. They are a weighted blanket lulling you to sleep in your comfort zone while the world keeps moving on without you! What’s the worst thing what-ifs have done to me? They’ve kept me in places I don’t want to be, in friendships, that needed to end. They kept me stagnant, stuck, and weary.

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They kept me reluctant to move forward. Chained to a reality that wasn’t meant for me. Those silent what-ifs and the one’s I let escape my lips hindered my progress. They chattered in the back of my mind every time I thought of writing, or of painting a giraffe turquoise or a tortoise deep aubergine.

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I have found that moving past the what-ifs is liberating. Join me in turning the negative what-ifs into positives. What if we try and it goes well? Better yet, what if we discover something new about ourselves? What if we try but it doesn’t turn out well? We would learn from that experience and move forward right? Now, isn’t that a great way to discover new possibilities? I’m telling you it works! Shush that what if you told yourself when your friend asked you to go to that escape room and just go. That invite could actually be your chance to escape all of those negative what-ifs that have been holding you back.

On a side note, I tried beef jerky this weekend and it’s not for me. But, if I hadn’t tried it I wouldn’t have known.

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  1. Sometimes What_Ifs are a way of lining up the pros and cons before making decisions, as long as you don’t focus exlusively on the cons!

  2. Great post. I believe what if’s are a big contributing factor in people not achieving greatness.

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