Why Did I Start Blogging?


I haven’t been blogging much lately which has led me to question, why I started blogging in the first place. Hmmmmm.

Let’s begin…

  1. To prove to myself that I can write. Of course, it was scary at first because what isn’t?
  2. Simply, to write and develop my writing style.
  3. To re-experience memories that I had hidden even from myself.
  4. Oh, I also started blogging to laugh at myself and share some of my life experiences.

5. The main reason why I started blogging was because, I am that person right beside you at school, work, on the subway or, even at a random store quietly waiting to interject with some silly comment.

Now…Why did you start blogging?

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9 thoughts on “Why Did I Start Blogging?

  1. The closest I have come to bogging is to express my thoughts and fears in a journal. I did this for more than 10 years. Then I admitted to a friend that I kept a journal. The questions that followed scared me stiff! Why did I keep a journal? who was my intended audience? I was keeping a confidential record of how life was rolling along, sometimes smoothly and at times uncertain and confusing. When I realized that I did not want anyone to read my journal, I scaled back. I love your blogs, they show your sense of humour and I always pick up one or two life tips. Keep blogging…. I applaud You!!

  2. Great question! I started blogging for many of the same reasons as you. I feel like I have an obligation to share humor, kindness, and any insights that I may have. Love the connections that I have developed as a result of my blog. I loved your article on mindfulness! It’s so funny how our minds go down all different avenues, even when we are trying to be “in the present”. Keep writing! I will read!!! 🙂

  3. I used to keep a journal too. But just like you it didn’t end very well…one day I will tell that story too. Thank you so much for reading and applauding I love to write and enjoy getting everyones comments. I can see why the questions scared you stiff but don’t shy away from writing, its always good to have something that is just so totally you it can’t be denied. I will keep bringing about the various hilarities of life so please keep reading. Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Laurie. My article on Mindfulness was my favourite to write, I was laughing even as I hit the button to post it. I agree with you, the connections have really kept me going. Thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to share the name of your blog on my site and your favourite blog if you wish. 🙂

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