Breaking Up

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Breaking up isn’t easy to do. Unfortunately, things just aren’t working out between us anymore. I have tried my best. Calling you a few days after Christmas. Emailing you in hopes that we could get things back on track. But, there is only so much that I can do to try to work things out before I feel that our relationship is one-sided and call it quits. Holding on in hopes that things will get better is like shaking hands for too long, making things awkward in 5,4,3…

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I am so excited yet, also a little scared of all the newness but, I also can’t wait any longer to tell you guys. Here’s the big announcement…I am now on Redbubble guys! I have officially gathered up my artwork and left Pixels and Fine Art of America. As most of you know, it takes me a while to blog about these things but eventually, I will. Just not now. Besides, what’s the sense of gripping about it? Anyway, I’m not quitting on my dream just trying a different path.

Part of the reason I decided to go with Redbubble is that it is low risk. I also like that I can decide whether to use my art as tiled prints or simply as one large image. One example of this on my page is with the A-line dresses.

I am considering joining more than one of these marketplaces. Feel free to check up on me as I continue to put myself out there. Or even send me suggestions for different things to try. Its been a rough few weeks running pros and cons for different marketplaces. The search has eaten up a lot of my time but I will be adding to my collections shortly. For now, here’s the link to my Redbubble. Feel free to share!

Thanks for reading and see you next week!



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