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Last week I decided to write a Truth or Lie post where you had a chance to try to picture where I write.

While It would be dreamy to write in my loft every Sunday, that is just not my reality. Also, a bunk bed? I haven’t had a bunk bed since I was little so that one was a lie too. And although I wish I could sit in the kitchen and hear the soft rumbling of the fridge, snacks easily accessible while I write that was a lie too. Sitting on the floor hasn’t ended well for me in quite a few years now.

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For those of you who tuned in during the summer, there was a day I sat outside and wrote a blog post. It was such a beautiful day but the picnic bench with the two slats is real and needs to go! It took two days for my body to forgive me for that. But I did enjoy writing outdoors. I probably will do it again in a Muskoka chair or something.


The truth is, you all guessed correctly; you can picture where I write. I am right where you pictured me to be. I sit on the couch, phone ringing and not answered, birds chirping, fish belching fan going and I’m in my writing zone.

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I have been considering finding another spot but truth be told I like where I write. A desk in the bedroom has been considered but, I would be up at all hours of the night writing or drawing. Then falling asleep when I go to work in the morning. Which is not a good look.

Those of you who guessed where I write, just like you it’s where I am most comfortable.

Thanks for reading and enjoy week 2 of 2020!

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