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Never regret anything that made you smile – Mark Twain

Even if I feel silly about doing something, or saying something if it makes me smile or even laugh then it was worth it. That’s why I love this quote and why I write about my mishaps. Sometimes these mishaps are not funny at the time. They may have even brought me to tears as they happened. Yet when I write about them or tell people about them I am often laughing or at the very least smiling.

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Smile! Photo by Mwabonje on

Please do your best to find joy wherever you can. If it makes you laugh, it’s worth thinking about, sharing, and remembering. I encourage you all to smile with a friend, smile with family or smile alone. Do your best and so will I. Also, look up and smile at someone every now and then. Even if it’s a stranger. You never know how your smile could make someone else’s day!

Share, smile, or laugh. Feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.



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7 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Yesterday i was thinking about some comedies I watched back in the 90’s..I laughed so hard that I was nearly in tears. These moments make life worth living.

    I also believe that being able to laugh at yourself puts you in that special group of people that other people want to be around.

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