Habits Anyone?

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Habits Anyone?  by Steven Arenas on Pexels.com

I recently realized that I have just a few strange or quirky habits. This is only recent because I have been called out on a few of them very recently. But now it’s even worse because sometimes I catch myself and wonder why I am doing them in the first place.

To start, you know that bag of plastic bags that everyone has at the bottom of their cupboard under the sink? If I need a bag from it, I automatically take every bag out of the bag that is holding all the bags. It’s almost as if that bag has proven that it can get the job of holding bags done, so it is automatically the bag that I need. I guess it’s all part of that whole tried tested and true thing…?

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Ok so let’s move forward. Do all smokers just automatically know how to use a lighter? Were they born with this ability? Really though, is it a genetic trait? You guys look so cool, you know, lighting things… I can’t light anything! That’s the real reason I don’t smoke, not because it’s, quote on quote unhealthy. Even lighting a candle, I always burn myself. I reach in too close to the wick, the flame goes upwards and burns my thumb every time.

There are certain words that I habitually spell incorrectly too. One word I have difficulty with every time is the word write. Every time I write the word write I always switch the I and the R which spells wirte. No idea why but to write that last sentence I had to rewrite the word write 4 times to get it right. I also spell September incorrectly too. I was so glad when that month finally ended. I swear I wasted approximately 29 days of September re-writing the words write and Septmeber…sorry, September correctly. Thank you spell check for helping me through that. This is an issue further magnified when I write by hand, but who still does that? Here’s a link to one of my favourite posts called Will it be Legible?

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Calendar by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Also, and this is part of the last one about habitual spelling errors. Why do I hit backspace removing the whole word because I got one letter wrong? I do that every time. To make matters worse every time I do it, I ask myself why I’m doing it. Why not just highlight and fix the word or look up suggestions?

Is anyone else like this or am I the only one with strange or quirky habits?

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10 thoughts on “Habits Anyone?

  1. I always misspell ”exercise” and ”vehicle”
    where would I be without Grammarly and spell check?
    (I also erase the WHOLE word-and retry many times lol!)

  2. I have such a bad time putting any backpack on back! When shopping , I accept that five cents plastic bag so that I can find a safe place, away from curious eyes in order to put all my shopping in the backpack. After several tries I do get the bag behind me and walk proudly home👍

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