Christmas Couch Potato

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There’s a list of movies that I love to watch during Christmas time. These movies have the ability to stop me in my tracks. Especially from doing tasks that I love like the dishes or laundry. 

If by chance I walked past a store that was playing any one of these 3 movies you can bet that I’m going to stop and park myself in front of that screen for the full duration. What? “Yes, I’m really going to buy this tv!” 

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These are a few of my favourite Christmas movies. I urge you to pry me away from the screen if you catch me watching them. If you were wondering, NO… THE PAUSE BUTTON DOES NOT WORK RIGHT NOW!

#1 Polar Express – This movie is not only beautifully animated but I love the story as well.

The main character named Chris attempts to leave childhood behind in a rush to grow up. In the end, he realizes what we all wish we knew when we were young…”what’s the rush?” Oh, I almost forgot to mention how heartwarming it was when Know-It-All-Kid gets what’s coming to him. It brings tears of joy to my eyes every time. I’m also a huge Tom Hanks fan but that’s for another day…

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#2 How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey – This movie is just fantastic! I love how Jim Carey brought the Grinch’s character to life.

I never liked the 2D cartoon version that would appear annually on the wooden tv at home when I was a kid. Sorry guys, It always grossed me out for so many reasons I never could explain. I also haven’t watched the newest version, so this blog is not where you should go if you’re looking for a review on that one. I love this movie not only because of The Grinch but because of Max his loyal dog as well. Without Max who would the Grinch have talked to and made evil plans with? Oh sorry, I meant made Christmas plans with?

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#3 Elf –  What a great movie! Will Ferrell is so childlike and innocent in this film.

Despite being treated like an outcast for being different Elf still manages to get the love and acceptance of his younger brother, stepmother and eventually his father. There’s something about this movie that reminds me of my childhood. Yes, it must be the awkwardness. But having size 9 feet in grade 5 may have been a contributing factor as well. Also, the Elf diet is definitely to die for.

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These movies are polar opposites in some ways but, they still warm me up on the coldest of days.

This is literally the reason why I didn’t blog last week. I was watching movies neglecting my chores and most shamefully my blog time. Well, that’s it for now, catch me here next week guys.






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  1. Wow no wonder you were unreachable on the weekend😪 I love the Grinch movie too around this time ,reminds of times past.

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