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While doing the dishes this morning and gazing out the window I saw five people walking together. Four of them were wearing pink coats and black pants but there was a man in the group wearing a blue coat with black pants. The four women crossed the street leaving the man on the opposite side of the street. Was he bothering them in some way? I must have been wrong, there was no way he was part of the group! They had called each other and decided to wear their pink coats for a walk and then he joined with his blue coat just because. He was a stranger to them or maybe an overbearing husband who decided to tag along on their walk?

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Suddenly, he started running and then crossed the street. He was ahead of all the pink coats now. It occurred to me that he was being chased so I looked behind him by about 10 paces and saw nothing, no animal, person or car following him. They were all jogging now. I took that as my confirmation, that they were indeed, all together. They must be a running club. Since its winter right now I applaud them for having the ambition to run and possibly fall on the slippery slushy snow-covered by possibly even more slippery ice. I know what you’re thinking, I’m not jealous at all that instead of doing the dishes they were out and about walking or jogging. The camaraderie was great! They are, like-minded people thinking about their health in spite of the weather.

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I looked down at my yellow and green soapy sponge and thought further about the situation I had just witnessed. Is it that same camaraderie that we search for when we go online, the camaraderie that those joggers had? Is it possible to have real friends online or are we all just friends while we are part of a particular online community or forum? Has the internet become our virtual window into the world?

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Hypothetically speaking, (because I would never do this!) I put up a poster at the local grocery store that said, “Hi, I’m a blogger who enjoys walking, if any bloggers would like to join me on Sunday for a walk I will meet you here.” The poster would include a map with an arrow showing the meeting location. Would anyone actually join me or would they just write a blog or Tweet about the person who had put up the poster?

Thoughts? Comments? I would really like to know what everyones thoughts are on this.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Me Here

  1. Well, I love walking. I see many people walking in my hood and in the mall. When we pass each other, we lower our eyes and keep moving. We don’t know each other! Don’t have the courage to say, can I join your group? Also when I walk, I like to meditate, others love to chat!

  2. Oooh meditation while walking. That sounds relaxing to just be in a zone with each step you take. I need to give that a try. Maybe that’s what the man was doing and the ladies were chatting???

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