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Remember that post I wrote demanding back my time. It was about online grocery shopping. Well, the week after writing it something happened. As usual, I waited a while before I brought it to the blog. Here’s the story of what happened the following week in my quest to save time.

I had gone through the same steps as I wrote about in that last post.

  • Choose items
  • Picked the proper quantities and sizes of items
  • Decided to throw caution to the wind and order the fruits and veggies too
  • Paid for the groceries
  • Did some cleaning and laundry while I waited for the delivery
  • Heard the doorbell ring went to answer
  • Tipped the grocery delivery person

Job well done I had saved time yet again!

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I proceeded to free the groceries from the plastic shopping bags. (Not to worry, I reuse all plastic bags.) I was now looking forward to doing chores, or staring at Netflix, aw-shucks I could even draw on a Saturday! When picking up the last bag, I looked inside and immediately felt sick to my stomach! The person who picked the groceries had flung my lettuce into the plastic shopping bag! Free, like without one of those see-through produce bags. I tried calming myself down and telling myself, “you were going to wash the lettuce anyway. It doesn’t matter, stop stressing!” Then, it kept bothering me. If this person was capable of doing this what else might they have done? When they do their grocery shopping do they open the bag of potato chips and put each chip directly on the conveyor belt? Unaware of leaky beef, chicken, or pork juice. Are they that unaware of all the germs that could be lurking? I peeled back the lettuce throwing away the outside layer of green leaves. But was that enough? NO!

WHY DID I TIP? They would never know how bad this experience was for me.

So, please don’t tell anyone but I wrote a bad review! People needed to be made aware. I kept writing. Whomever this person was, they just couldn’t get away with what they had done! Someone needed to be coached into the right level of customer service.

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The feeling of being a horrible person just wouldn’t go away. An image of the person now on the unemployment line because of me ran through my head. Instead of hitting submit I hit delete.

My final moral decision was to stop trying to save time and go back to doing my very own grocery shopping. Would you have submitted the bad review?

In the interest of not hoarding your time I will stop here today. There’s more to this story coming up next week!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Hoarding Time

  1. Absolutely I would have but not in a nasty way. I would have done it in a suggestive way like calling them and asking for the manager and informing him or her nicely. I wouldn’t have said my name or the employee but just wanted them to know. It sounds like bad training.

  2. Yes, I felt like that was a possibility. Who knows maybe the person was new and needed a 2nd chance. But yeah letting the manager know face to face wouldn’t have been so horrible. Thanks for reading!

  3. I definitely would have hit send. Imagine how many other times that person has gotten away with such atrocities? 😊

  4. Oh my! So him standing in the unemployment line because I didn’t want to go grocery shopping for myself didn’t make you feel any empathy? Maybe I should have formally let the manager know though right. I hear you. Thanks for reading! 😁

  5. No! I would not have clicked send because I would feel like a snitch and lose a lot of sleep over it!

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